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How To Pack As A Family

Packing is a great way to get the family involved and make it a memorable experience. At Atop Movers we believe packing can be a fun experience with these simple tips.

1. Organize, Sort and Donate with a Packing Playlist

Add everyones favourite tunes to a palylist to help energize and make the process more enjoyable. Come together as a family and allow each person to go through their belongings and decide what to keep, donate or discard.

2. Divide The Packing Process by Room and Add a Packing Challenge

Add some excitement by making small challenges for the whole family to participate in. For example, you may ask everyone to complete each room within a time limit and then provide the winner with a treat. Work as a team by dividing each room by person and a task each can complete. This ensures everyone has a role, there is less chaos and more organization.

3. Provide Proper Packing Supplies and Personalize each Box

Sturdy boxes, packing paper, multicoloured markers and tape are great essentials for ensuring the belongings are packed securely and safely. But why not add a touch of personalization with drawings, stickers and stamps to express your families creativity. This will also help family members to identify which is theirs or one anothers.


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