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The Stress Free Moving Day Guide

10 Tips For Your Moving Day

1. Moving Day flies by faster than a normal day

Make sure your day is clear, all errands are completed, and kids or pets are settled before the movers come in.

2. Transitional Items Make sure to have those transitional items ready such as toothbrushes, cell phone chargers, hand wash, medication etc. Once packed in a suitcase or box, place them somewhere secure while your home is open and ensure it’s kept separate from items being loaded onto the truck.

3. Do a final clean. Do a final check of the kitchen, bathroom and each bedroom and sweep around them before the truck arrives. Keep that mop handy for one final sweep when our team leaves.

Keep a cream cleaner and sponge eraser handy for any spot cleaning on walls or doorways.

4. Meet the removalists

Help ensure a smooth arrival and entry to the property for our moving team. Go over any key pieces of information together. Stay close-by for any trouble shooting and any questions on arrival. We’ll walk through the plan together once we’re inside your property and make sure we’re all on the same page.

5. Let us take over. At this point, all you need to do is let us do the heavy lifting, literally. This is where we really shine. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or make any suggestions, we are here for you on your move day. Our goal is to see you smiling and looking forward to this big change in your life.

6. Secure your old home well before you leave.

Lock windows and doors. Do that final sweep that means no delays to having your bond returned. Leave the keys behind as per your arrangement with the landlord or building. Renters tip: take photographs of the condition of each room before you leave.

7. Meet the truck at the destination.

We’re on the home stretch but your removalists have the same arrival and entry process at this end of things. Once you’ve facilitated entry, they’ll be working with you on where to leave your boxes and furniture while they are unloading.

Renters tip: take condition photographs for your records and identify any issues to document with your building management.

8. Make sure your utilities are working.

Hot water, electricity, and wifi are essentials for making sure your first night is stress-free. Check these on arrival and jump on the phone if you need to make any changes. This is also a good time to check if the property is secure for the arrival of any young children or pets, i.e check fencing, gates, windows and access points.

9. Sign off and do the dance of joy!

Once your removalists have finished unloading the truck they’ll do a final walk through with you and make sure everything’s in place.

10. The set up.

An initial mop and clean is a great start but let’s face it, those boxes are going to take a while. Instead we recommend setting up the bedrooms as a priority and wiping down the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom so you can start using those spaces. While there’s a big task ahead, your suitcase of essentials including phone chargers and medicines will ensure the basics are under control. The first few days are a little unorganized as you try to find everything you need so go easy on yourself. If there are any change of address arrangements you still need to make (see our Moving Day checklist for advice) make a note to get them done as soon as possible including financial institutions, your licence and registration, the Postal Service and subscriptions. It won’t be long before everything’s running like clockwork, try and enjoy what we call the ‘camping phase’.


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