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Best And Worst Times To Plan Your Move

Planning ahead of time for your move will not only ensure you of the day and time but relieve the pressure on your budget.

1. The Best Day To Move On

Our peak moving season starts in May and moves into August when the weather starts to warm up. That is why early spring and summer are one of our busiest times to move. Movers are in high demand during this time and it means the prices go up. If you plan early and ahead of time, you may be able to secure a spot.

If you are a family with kids, the ideal time of month to move will be in July. This gives younger children time to accommodate to their new neighbourhood before the school year starts.

From the end of September to April the weather makes it unpredictable, including snow storms, more rain days or other extreme conditions. While you may want to avoid moving on the busy holiday seasons, from December to February, these months will provide the cheapest moving costs.

2. The Best Time To Move On

Movers are usually the busiest near the last days of the months due to rental contracts terminating after 30 days notice and tenants are looking to move out at the end of their lease. The last and the first few days of each month are the busiest days to move.

The middle of the month is the sweet spot when it comes to negotiating a great price, securing a spot without competition, while providing you with greater control over the day and time that suits you best.

3. The Best Day Of The Week To Move

With weekends being in high demand due to work schedules and Friday's for a three weekend move, these are the hardest spots to catch and will need planning ahead of schedule to guarantee a spot.

From Monday to Wednesday there is less demand and if you are able to take a couple days off from your work, this is a great time to book. There is less demand and flexibility not only with scheduling your move but also booking your elevator service.

4. The Best Time of the Day To Move

Early mornings are the most popular times to move because it makes it easier and quicker for families to move, unpack and settle in to their new home. Early morning moves also provides cooler temperatures on summer days. THe con to moving in the mornings during the weekdays is beating the busy traffic.

Midday or afternoon moving is ideal for some large but mostly small moves. It still gives you time to reach your new home before evening, you avoid the busy morning traffic and is an option for families with kids to drop them off at school before the move starts. There is more availability when it comes to scheduling your move in the afternoon due to lower demand.

Late night and overnight moves can go past 1am but the price may be higher.

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